Your feet need to do more than look great on stage, they need to feel great. It is important to be properly fitted for the shoes you need. Winging it should never be an option, especially for those younger dancers that never seem to stay in the same size for more than a couple months!

Getting fitted correctly the first time by professionals at Vera Nova Dance and Theatre Boutique is painless and less stressful than getting stuck in that never-ending game of ship and return with online stock houses.

We are happy to make sure your shoes fit properly. A properly fitted shoe helps to avoid injuries and reduces fatigue. Long days in the studio only feel longer (and less enjoyable) if you are struggling with your shoes and pain in your feet.

We know dance isn't easy, but why make it harder? We can help with that, and with our wide selection, we will help you find the perfect shoes for you!

We carry every type of dance shoe for every dance or stage need. From ballet, pointe, jazz, and tap to modern, hip-hop, gymnastics, and character we carry all the classic styles.